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Portugal's long Atlantic coastline, mild and often warm climate, mountainous interior and sun-drenched beaches have long been popular tourist attractions. Visitors will also enjoy the sights, museums, monuments and architecture that hark back to Portugal's colonial past, when the country was a major world power. For more information about both Portugal and Spain, use Search Iberia.
General Information
Entry Requirements
Portugal has subscribed to the Schengen agreement and as such, vistors arriving from other Schengen countries theoretically need no passport or visa at all. However, we strongly recommend always taking a passport since the Schengen agreement is sometimes temporarily revoked (e.g. the recent 2004 Euro football championships) and also a form of personal identification is necessray. U.S. citizens do not require a visa to enter Portugal for visits of less than two months. Pets are allowed to enter the country as long as they have valid vaccination and health certificates. Pets must be vaccinated at least 30 days but less than one year prior to the date of entry.

Local Time
Portugal uses standard GMT/UCT time during winter and GMT/UTC+1 in summer. This is 1 hour less than most Western European countries and the same time as the UK and Ireland.

Portuguese is the national language, but English and more infrequently French are commonly spoken in cities and tourist centers, especially among the younger generations. Most TV shows and films (movies) are shown in their original version, with Portuguese subtitles.

220V. The European two-round-pin plug is standard (see example below)
2-pin plugs

Local Tourist Information
Turismo de Lisboa / Lisbon Visitors and Convention Bureau
Telephone: +351 21 031 27 37
Fax: +351 21 031 28 99
Web site:
Tourist offices in Lisbon:
Palacio Foz (Main Branch)
Praca dos Restauradores
Phone +351 21346-3643
Fax +351 21346-8772
Lisbon Airport
Phone +351 21 849-4323
Fax +351 21 848-5974
Welcome Center
C/O Ponto Net e Merchandising
Loja 2-1º, 1-r/c
Pç. do Comércio
Lisbon, Portugal
World Wide Web:

For great self-catering accommodation in Portugal, we can strongly recommend for the capital and surrounding beach areas, and for Oporto and the north. also looks like it is being developed for the rest of the country.

Average spring temperatures fall between 12-19 C. Portugal offers a temperate climate in the spring with the rainfall amounts decreasing as the spring continues.
Average summer temperatures range between 16-27 C. Summers in Portugal offer a warm climate with very little rainfall. High summer temperatures are moderated by a permanent breeze called the Estoril.
Autumn / Fall
Average autumn temperatures are 14-22 C. The rainy season begins in November and tends to be the wettest time of year.
Average winter temperatures are 8-15 C. Winters offer mild temperatures and the rainiest season of the year.


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